IQteh is the first online platform for business applications in Central and Eastern Europe to implement the new approach - ENTERPRISE CLOUD COMPUTING.

The IQteh-platform is based on three essential principles:

INTELLIGENCE - always the best programmers

QUALITY – always best quality

TECHNOLOGY – always the best technology

The IQTeh-platform emphasizes on:

PERFORMANCE - The applications increase the sales revenue, the decision-making and management process and the optimization of business meetings and of the employees.

SAFETY AND AVAILABILITY - all the information you need are always protected and available to you. You do not need to invest in servers, computers, disks, and security solutions - these are all benefits of "cloud computing" platform, which means the IQteh platform.

YOU PAY ONLY AS MUCH YOU NEED - In no case, you have to pay more for an application more as you need. Exactly this succeeded IQteh by the introduction of payment by subscription only for the applications you need, and only for a flexible time period. These applications allow you to use BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android (in development) smartphones, to optimize and develop your business.

Thank you for choosing to be a IQteh-partner!

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