IQsfa is a SFA&M mobile solution (Sales Force Automation and Management) for management and sales automation, important tools in business management and for taking the best decisions in a short time. The architecture is client/server. This concept implies uniform management of information; as a result, the information placed in one point of the system will be sent to all parts on-line. This provides an optimal degree of security and speed and enables you to run applications as a professional product.
The mobile devices for IQsfa are running on Smartphones (Windows platforms, BlackBerry and soon Android), thus providing a maximum degree of mobility and safety.


- Monitor visits, activities and mileage per agent on route
- Operating in pre-sales and van-sales;
- Multiple pricelists, exchange rates;
- Centralization of controls and instruments of payment on-line or off-line;
- Billing module;
- Collection using mobile printing devices;
- Online access to the actual inventory or off-line to the version of local stock saved at the last synchronization;
- Possibility of automatic synchronization field routes, customers, prices, inventories (off-line version), promotions, pricing lists, exchange rates, duties, permits;
- Shortening the time from order taking to delivery;
- Increase efficiency for sales and promotion activities;
- Centralized track of prices and discounts - establishing centralized promotions and / or custom;
- Possibility to assess the efficiency of staff on the basis of uniform criteria and objectives;
- Effective communication between users of the solution;
- Increase customer satisfaction;
- Runs on smartphones, greatly reducing your initial investment in mobile equipment;
- Optimal communication protocol, secure with the server, minimizing monthly costs for data over VPN EDGE/GPRS/3G;
- customization of the application based on the customer needs (for RunSales only).

IQ sfa • Overview